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It is time for your “one quiet moment’, away from the everyday hustle and bustle you can now relax, unwind and recharge. It is time for you……..

Catherine has put together some wonderful bespoke holistic healing packages, especially for our guests here at Kidlandlee which we think you will love.

Cloud 9 – 3 hours @ £138.00

Reflexology – Balinese Full Body Massage – Crystal Therapy

A bundle of Heavenly uplifting Treatments to make you feel you’re on Cloud 9 and on top of the world!

Starting with a Holistic consultation followed by a 1 hour Seated Reflexology Foot Treatment, stimulating and balancing the acupressure points and energizing the meridians in the body from the feet, freeing you from stagnant energy and blockages.

1.5 Hour luxurious Balinese full body massage for relaxation using deep pressure, combining flowing massage techniques, acupressure, and relaxing exotic Aromatherapy oils such as coconut oil, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, or rose oils.

Lying face up on the heated bed your Chakras are energized and aligned with a Crystal Therapy Treatment. Cleansing the Aura with positivity and Crystal wands, Pendulum, and tumble stones. Leaving you feeling energized, balanced, free from stagnant energy, letting go of Negativity and Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually in Harmony.

Complete your session with a Herbal Tea.

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Moonlight – 2 hours @ £109.00

Candle Massage – Rose Crystal Facial

In our wonderful Dark Skies relax and star gaze by night and feel like you’re made of Stardust by day!!

Start with a Holistic Consultation then enjoy a Candle Massage with exotic cocoa butters, shea butters, and coconut oil poured warm on the body from a coconut shell, cocooning your body in a blend of aromatherapy oils for deep relaxation and Bliss.

Follow this with an Aromatherapy Massage to deeply relax the body with blends especially tailored just for you.

Finally, using Rose quartz Crystals to energize your pressure points enjoy a facial massage with pure rose essential oil, rosehip oil, rosewater, rose exfoliator and a rose clay face mask to nourish the skin. Whilst aligning your Chakras with the energy of Love.

Conclude with a Rose Herbal Tea. Bliss

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Happiness – 3 hours @ £125.00

Swedish Deep Tissue Full Body Massage – Indian Head Massage

Feel Happy, with a Boost! Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy Body Scrub & Indian Head Massage

Happiness from the Inside out!

Start with a Holistic Consultation, muscles are kneaded with a vigorous Swedish Deep Tissue Massage for a stimulating full-body Massage to uplift you with our energizing, happiness blend of Aromatherapy Oils.

Next an Aromatherapy invigorating essential oil scrub, with the option to shower off, or hot mitt off renewing and rejuvenating your skin!

Lastly a warm oil, seated Indian Head Massage, for a clear mind, and well-being. Enjoy!

Complete your session with Herbal Tea.

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Yoga Home Practice Workshop & Massage

Yoga Home Practice Workshop & Massage – 2 hours @ £109.00

Sequencies Tailored Just For You – Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Want to know Your Sun Salutations and your Moon Salutations?

Want an everyday selection of sequences, flows, and meditations you can do at home?

Get to know your Yoga basics or even enhance what you already know such as your Downward dogs from your Warriors. Let me guide you through some beautiful short sequences you can practice of by heart.

Prescribing you your own postures for your personal benefit will enhance your daily well-being routine. Enjoy short, interesting Meditations and after you’ve done all that Yoga Work, Reward yourself with a Prescriptive Aromatherapy full body Massage, a full 1 Hour massage treatment just for you.

Complete the treatment with herbal tea.

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Aromatherapy for Home Course For Two – 8 hours @ £350

8 hours (over two days)  Aromatherapy Workshop

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle up and take home a little of the relaxation found whilst staying with us? Well, now you can!

Catherine has put together a wonderful  Aromatherapy Massage and Essential Oils course which we think you will love.

Here’s what you will cover:

What is Aromatherapy? • Benefits of Aromatherapy • How does Aromatherapy work? • History of Massage and Aromatherapy • What is an essential oil? • A word on Health & Safety • Shopping list for Essential oils and Carrier oils • Contra-indications • Contra-actions/Aftercare advice • Carrier oils – what they are and common uses • Essential Oils – common uses • Preparing a blend • Recipes from the basic kit • Setting the scene • Tips for giving good massage • Tips for receiving massage • Massage movements • How to prepare • The massage routines • Other methods of use for essential oils.

Have great fun learning a new skill with our wonderful therapist Catherine and take a little of Kidlandlee home with you!

Click on the link to view and book your Aromatherapy Workshop.


Mother’s Day

Mother & Daughter Treatment – 2 hours @ £115.00 (1.5 Hrs Each x Two)

Reflexology – Rose Crystal Facial

Celebrate the Mother Daughter Bond and enjoy this wonderful package together.

Start with a Neals Yard Holistic Rose Facial, an uplifting facial Massage with Rose oil, Rose Crystal Guashan for a Natural Face lift. Follow this with Rose Quartz Crystal Wands to energies pressure points, combined with Rose Facial Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate and Face mask.

Next a Reflexology Foot Massage Treatment, Lovely!

Complete the treatment with a herbal tea and perfect time together.

Click on the link to view and book your Mother & Daughter Treatment.

Mix and Match Treatments – For you and a friend or loved one – 2.20 hours @ £105.00

Create your own treatment package.

Why not treat yourselves to our mix-and-match double treat package. Choose any two treatments each from the menu, enjoy a Holistic Consultation along with your treatments and finish with a lovely herbal tea together.


Balinese Full Body Massage • Aromatherapy Full Body Massage • Hot Stones Massage Pregnancy Massage • Reflexology Foot Massage Treatment • Indian Head Massage • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage • Crystal Therapy • Crystal Facial • Yoga Natural Facelift Facial Whow Holistic Facial.

Click on the link to view and book your Mix & Match Package.

Mix and Match Treatments

Facial and reflexology Treatment – 2 hours @ £86.00

Feeling Light on your feet, refreshed from Head to Toe, Energised.

 A Holistic Consultation and herbal tea, followed by a hot mitts foot cleanse and Reflexology pressure point massage, to relax, uncongested and balance energy.

Followed by our NaturalYoga Facelift Facial, pressure points up lifting, effleurage and petrissage strokes.

Look and feel rejuvenated!

Click on the link to view and book your Head-to-Two Treatment

The Soother Package – Thai Herbal Compress – 2.30 hours @ £125.00

Thai Herbal Compress, Thermal Facial and Herbal Compress Massage

Facial herbal compresses are soaked and heated so that the herbs release their essential oils into the skin. The application of the compress follows the energy channels of the Face to stimulate energy flow and unblock energy flow, whilst prescriptively treating the skin. Combined with the Natural Facelift Yoga Facial Massage.

Followed by the 1.5 Hours Thai Herbal Compress Thermal Massage. A beautiful Heated Soothing Treatment, Enjoy Your regular Aromatherapy or Balinese Massage with the addition of Prescriptive Thai Herbal Compresses. The compresses are soaked and heated so that the herbs release their essential oils into the skin. The application of the moist heat to the muscles is also beneficial. The Compresses are rocked and pressed into the soles of the feet, hands, and joints during massage. Following energy lines also to stimulate energy flow and unblock energy flow.

Deeply relaxing and soothing for stiff joints and aches and pains.

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The Soother Package

Gel Nails

Wellbeing Package and Gel Nails – 2 hours @ £80.00

Choose from any Treatment on the menu, plus Gel Nails Manicure

With Any Massage Treatment, why not have a Manicure and Gel Nail Application, in the comfort of your own cottage or at The Cabin.

Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Whow Holistic Facial, Crystal Facial, Crystal Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Natural Yoga Facelift Facial. Balinese Massage.

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Bejewelled – Beautiful You, A Beautifying luxury Treatment – 3hrs @ £95

Facial, manicure with Gel nails and pedicure with Gel nails

Get ready to be Bejewelled, adorned with OPI Gel Nail Application! Get ready for any occasion, holidays, wedding, or special treat.

Gel Polish is a revolutionary light-cured formula that lasts at least 14 days. It will not chip, smudge, or crack.  It has the ease of polish but the strength of Gel. It is dried in minutes under a lamp and light. This product dry’s immediately, so there is no risk of smudging/damaging polish.

Followed by an Aromatherapy Pedicure, with OPI Gel Nail Application for Feet.

Enjoy your choice of Facial from the Treatment Page.

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Relax, Unwind, and Reconnect! 

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