My Reiki Journey

Before I was guided to Angelic Reiki, I trained to practitioner level 2 in Reiki Jin kei Do and Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Whilst both courses were transforming and enlightening in the discovery of energy healing, I was left with the feeling that I still hadn’t found what I was looking for, although I couldn’t pinpoint what was missing, I had a deep knowing that there was more ‘out there’.

It was a few years later that I had a very clear vision of an angel during a meditation. I knew very little of angels at that time but described what I had seen to a friend; he was dressed like a roman centurion with a metal breast plate, pleated skirt, and carried a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. She informed me it sounded like Archangel Michael. Immediately I was searching on google and was amazed by an image of the Golden Statue of Michael in Kiev, Ukraine that was exactly as I had seen.

So began my connection with angels and healing. I began to call in angels to take part in my reiki treatments and immediately my reiki changed. It felt so powerful, and both my clients and I experienced overwhelming feelings of love and strong visions of the presence of angels, spirit guides and family members who had passed over.

Having never experienced anything like this before I knew I had to train in some form of angel healing and as it was during reiki that I was palpably aware of this presence, it was naturally to the Angelic Reiki Association that I turned.

My training to Master Teacher has proved to be life changing on many levels. The energy during the workshops, the beautiful journeys through the angelic realm during the meditations, and the meeting and connecting with my personal healing angel David transformed my life thereafter. AA Michael remains close to me and oversees every healing I do along with my loving angel David. On a personal level the ‘knowing’ that we are not alone, and we are loved and guided on this earth plane has brought me clarity, courage, and confidence to live my life my way. In thanks and service to the angels I carry out my purpose of sharing this beautiful healing model so that others have the tools to connect with and discover the love, strength, guidance, and healing of these angelic beings.

Angelic Workshops

Angelic Workshops

Kidlandlee Cottages

It was through my teaching of AR that I met Matthew & Terri which led to a wonderful collaboration to offer training workshops at the truly special and spiritual location of Kidlandlee.

Founded by monks it rests 1400 feet above sea level overlooking the Upper Coquetdale valley in Northumberland with off grid self-catering cottages ‘between the earth and the sky’.
Healing energy flows through and around Kidlandlee and high up in the clouds you feel like you can reach out and touch the angelic realm.

We provide stunning accommodation for the weekend of the course and the natural landscape offers space to be still, reflect on and digest the divinely magical experiences as they unfold during your training.

Angelic Reiki Workshops – Level 1 & 2

My courses take place on site from The Cabin, a rustic purpose-built holistic healing space where I offer a range of therapies. Courses are kept small with 2 – 4 students per workshop. This enables us to connect on a personal and spiritual level as a group and provides the space to share and discuss your experiences during the course in a friendly and safe environment. Friendships are formed on an Angelic Reiki workshop that continue long after.

You will have your own bedroom in Dipper cottage with shared facilities, kitchen and living room with fellow students on your course.

I provide a vegan/vegetarian lunch on course days. There are places to eat nearby for evening meals if you don’t wish to cook.

The course comprises of Friday evening and all-day Saturday & Sunday. You will be trained to practitioner level. Your accommodation is from Friday to Monday.

The course is delivered in the format recommended by the Angelic Reiki Association and includes powerful meditations as we clear our energy and aura in preparation of accepting this angel reiki energy into our being. You will meet your healing angel who will stay with you and be a constant accessible pillar of strength and support throughout your life and healing journey. You will learn and practice different ways of administering angelic reiki and working with your angels, for yourself and others.

To book on any of the course dates below or have any further questions please feel free to contact Nichola on 07864 921 912 or via email:

Angelic Workshops
Angelic Workshops
Angelic Workshops
Angelic Workshops

Angelic Reiki Workshops

Workshop Dates 2022

Angelic Reiki Workshop (Levels 1 & 2) Dates 2022

Friday 24th – Monday 27th June (Fully Booked)

Friday 7th – Mon 10th October (2 Places Available)

Friday 4th – Mon 7th November (3 Places Available)

Friday 2nd – Mon 5th December (3 Places Available)

Workshop Fee £252    +   Accommodation Fee £198   = £450 

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